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Corporate Secretarial

Corporate Secretarial

J Sundharesan & Associates takes on the crucial role of managing Corporate Secretarial Services, ensuring that our clients maintain impeccable corporate governance and compliance standards. Our comprehensive suite of services assists organizations in adhering to regulatory requirements, managing corporate records and documentation, and conducting various audits to ensure legal and ethical compliance.

  • General Corporate and Regulatory Affairs

  • Governance and Compliance Matters

  • Audits for Comprehensive Compliance

Governance and Compliance Matters

Our firm is deeply entrenched in the realm of regulatory affairs, providing consistent guidance to companies on compliance-related matters and adeptly navigating the evolving regulatory and legislative framework across sectors. This includes expertise in the Companies Act, securities regulations, licensing, statutory compliances, foreign direct investment, and regulatory assessments in acquisitions and restructuring exercises.

Our tailored services include:

Setting Up Entities and Ventures

We extend expert guidance to both domestic and foreign clients on establishing companies and joint ventures in India, as well as venturing into international markets.

Structuring Business Operations

We offer insightful advice on structuring business operations in India, ensuring optimal strategic alignment.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Our expertise covers structuring FDI investments, aiding in compliance with relevant regulations.

Compliances and Registrations

We assist in navigating compliances and registrations under various laws, including the Companies Act and applicable local laws.

Due Diligence and Health Check-Up

Conducting comprehensive due diligence and health check-ups for both listed and unlisted companies, ensuring legal health and compliance.

Day-to-Day Advisory

Providing ongoing advice to companies on a myriad of issues, ranging from statutory meetings and related party transactions to securities law compliance and labour and EHS regulations.

Opinion Issuance

Offering detailed opinions on intricate matters related to multiple legal domains, including the Companies Act, securities laws, FEMA, NBFC laws, labour laws, and anti-trust laws.

Settlements and Compounding

Assisting and advising on settlements and compounding of offenses under the Companies Act, Securities Laws, and FEMA.

Closure and Corporate Governance

Guiding in the orderly closure of companies through voluntary liquidation or strike-off procedures and addressing corporate governance-related issues.

At J Sundharesan & Associates, we bring a wealth of expertise and an unwavering commitment to ensuring that our clients navigate the complex regulatory landscape with confidence. Our goal is to facilitate compliance while enhancing corporate governance, enabling your business to thrive within the bounds of regulatory excellence. Connect with us to forge a partnership that champions regulatory adherence and corporate integrity.

Governance and Compliance Matters

Corporate governance stands as the bedrock of sustained success. Our Corporate Secretarial Services are designed to provide strategic guidance, aligning your business with the highest standards of governance. We specialize in developing governance frameworks, streamlining board structures, and ensuring unwavering compliance with ever-evolving regulations.

Our Corporate Governance Practice group embodies a profound and nuanced understanding of the law, underpinned by practical judgment, innovative thinking, and extensive experience. We extend advisory services to both listed and unlisted companies, shareholders, boards of directors, board committees, and senior management. Our expertise equips us to adeptly navigate relevant regulations, disclosure norms, and potential enforcement actions by regulatory and judicial authorities, including the Securities and Exchange Board of India.

Our services encompass:

Board and Committee Guidance

Counsel on board and committee structure, representation, and best practices, ensuring governance excellence.

Succession Planning

Strategic planning for succession within senior management and directorial roles.

Crisis Management

Expert guidance during critical situations, employing crisis management best practices.

Related Party Transactions

Expertise in advising and managing transactions involving related parties, ensuring compliance and transparency.

Investigations and Enforcement

Advisory and support during investigations, enforcement actions, and regulatory reviews.

Charter and Bylaws Review

Comprehensive review and strategic adjustments of charters and bylaws to align with evolving governance standards.

At J Sundharesan & Associates, we believe in the transformative power of effective governance. Our goal is to empower businesses with the knowledge and practices that lead to sustainable growth, regulatory adherence, and stakeholder trust. Partner with us to fortify your corporate governance framework and ensure that compliance becomes a hallmark of your business journey.

Audits for Comprehensive Compliance

At J Sundharesan & Associates, we conduct a spectrum of audits meticulously designed to ensure your business maintains comprehensive compliance across legal and regulatory domains. Our commitment to meticulous auditing includes:

Secretarial Audits

Our Secretarial Audits meticulously assess the accuracy of your business records, documentation, and adherence to laws and regulations. We closely examine compliance with the Companies Act 2013, SEBI Regulations, FEMA, RBI Regulations, and other relevant corporate laws, providing a thorough assessment of your legal standing.

RBI Audits

Our RBI Audits are specifically tailored to focus on your compliance with the Reserve Bank of India guidelines. We ensure your business aligns with the regulatory expectations set forth by RBI, providing confidence in your financial operations and transactions.

Compliance Audits

Our Compliance Audits encompass a holistic review of your business’s adherence to legal and ethical standards. We meticulously evaluate your compliance across a spectrum of laws, including the Companies Act 2013, SEBI Regulations, FEMA, RBI Regulations, and other pertinent corporate laws.

Due Diligence Services

In our Due Diligence services, we conduct a thorough evaluation of potential legal risks before significant transactions. We delve into the intricate legal landscape, meticulously assessing compliance with the Companies Act 2013, SEBI Regulations, FEMA, RBI Regulations, and other corporate laws. This comprehensive evaluation provides invaluable insights into potential risks and ensures informed decision-making.

Our audits are designed to empower your business with compliance and legal certainty. We go beyond conventional auditing, integrating a deep understanding of various regulatory frameworks, ensuring that your business operates in strict accordance with the stipulated laws. Partner with us to fortify your compliance framework and embark on a journey of legal robustness and operational integrity.

J Sundharesan & Associates is your trusted partner in managing the intricate web of corporate secretarial responsibilities. With our expertise, you can focus on your core business operations, confident that your governance, compliance, and documentation needs are expertly managed.

Engage with our Corporate Secretarial Services to enhance your corporate governance, mitigate risks, and ensure legal compliance. Contact us today to discover how our services can safeguard your business’s interests and contribute to its long-term success.